Chapter History


    Chapter: Delta Rho
    Home: University of Texas at Arlington
    Founded: 1971
    Motto: Roman Justice
    Local Fraternity : Beta Phi Sigma
    Our Local History (since the beginning)
    UTA Betas have always had a tight bond of brotherhood. Since the founding of the local fraternity Beta Phi Sigma in 1967, to being recognized as The Delta Rho Chapter of Beta Theta Pi in 1971, UTA Betas have been known as one of the most spirited fraternities on campus. It is a fraternity based on years of tradition and friendship, that creates a brotherhood of support to help each member excel in academics, sports, campus leadership, and our careers after college.

    The University of Texas at Arlington Betas follow true to our fraternity's heritage. We continue to be campus leaders and continually strive to build a friendship unparalleled by any other fraternity on campus.  The Delta Rho Chapter has pioneered the local UTA community with campus spirit, philanthropic endeavours, and overcoming challanges head-on. 


    While brotherhood serves as the cornerstone of Beta Theta Pi, this lasting bond of friendship is cultivated by being a part of a group of individuals who share the same goals and values, constantly supporting each other in the pursuit of social, moral and cultural excellence.

    Founder John Reily Knox described it as, "What a few men who are united in common purpose and effort are determined to do, can be done. More than that, such associations teach us just how far human friendships can carry us.

    A letter from a founder of the Delta Rho Chapter

    The University of Texas at Arlington Chapter, the Delta Rho of Beta Theta Pi, is now well past her infancy.  Along with the maturing of this chapter, comes the basic realization that a considerable portion of BETA THETA PI has been constructed through the writings and recorded history of the fraternity.  Such writings serve to solidify our foundations and to immortalize our ideals. To these ends I will dedicate this manuscript.  If I am successful, then perhaps you too will someday be compelled to clasp hands with men of similar desire whom you wish to call "brother" and, together, you will create and build a legacy for those who follow in your path.  The fruits of such an undertaking will be equaled only by the diligence of your efforts.  Never again will you be afforded the opportunity for personal achievement through unselfish giving of your time and efforts that equal those which may be found within the bonds of brotherly endeavor.  The sense of personal and mutual realization that accompanies such efforts will linger for a lifetime as one of your most valuable possessions.  Two or more men united and truly dedicated to accomplishment of goals set unselfishly in the brotherhood cannot be beaten.  For this reason, if you are truly dedicated, I fervently hope that your efforts will be expended within the pale of BETA THETA PI.  Few words are capable of describing the feeling one acquires through unselfish giving to this great fraternity better than these well known Beta expressions:

    "Once a Beta, Always a Beta, Everywhere a Beta."
    "Thank God that I am a Beta"

    Yours in - kai -

    Kirk W. Gay - UTA  ’72
    Delta Rho #6
    Gamma Omega #271